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Thinning the Fruit: Achieve your Goals by Pruning your Commitments

I’ve just come in from thinning the fruit on one of our apple trees. This is a task I don’t enjoy. Every time I pull off a small unripe apple, I’m disappointed about the loss of the big apple it could have become. (Clearly, I was never meant to be a farmer.)

Whether it’s our artistic projects, our businesses, our products, our lives as a whole… when we spread our energies thin across too many commitments, everything suffers.

Here are some thoughts on how, when and why we sometimes need to thin our “fruit”.

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Tracking Net Income as an Artist

If you’re selling your artworks, you should consider tracking your net income from your art practice: that’s how much money you make after subtracting out expenses.

Why? Because only by calculating net income will you know if your art practice is profitable (“Can I quit my day job yet?”) and whether you might owe the government money in taxes.

In this post, I share how I track my net income as an artist today, and how I got here. I also provide a spreadsheet you can download to get started tracking yourself.

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