ArtistClerk: Business Software for Artists

Let Us Import your Data

Have you got your art business data in:

  • one or more spreadsheets?
  • some tables in Word documents?
  • another software product?

If you do, we can import your data into ArtistClerk for you! This service is included free in the purchase of an annual subscription to ArtistClerk.

Imagine this… You just email us your documents and sit back. If we have any questions about what your data means, we’ll email you. We import all your data into ArtistClerk. When we’re done, you get an email from us letting you know your data is entered and waiting for you!

Then you just log in and immediately start running reports that will help you assess the financial health of your art business and make strategic decisions about where to put your efforts. Think of how much time you’ll save, and what you could be doing (in the studio!) with that time…

What about my images?

After we’ve imported your data, all you have to do is bring up each of your artworks in ArtistClerk and upload the relevant 1, 2 or 3 images for that artwork. Our upload feature makes it super-easy for you to associate images with each of your artworks. (If you have hundreds of images, contact us to discuss how we can automate that process for you.)

What if my data is in another software product?

Most software products will give you an option to export your data in spreadsheet format. You just export your data and send us the spreadsheets. We’ll take it from there.  (You will, however, need to have copies of your images of artwork on your computer.)

What format does my spreadsheet or table need to be in?

As long as you are consistent with what you put in each column of your spreadsheets or Word document tables, and don’t try to put two pieces of information (for example, the person you sold an artwork to, and the price they paid) into one column, we can import your data. If you want us to review your spreadsheets before you purchase an annual subscription, we’re happy to do that. Just drop us an email using the contact form to arrange that.